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a person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions.
2. a destroyer of images used in religious worship.

Our philosophy is to destroy the ideology and template that’s been blueprinted by the art industry and galleries. We want to create an interactive experience to mesh outsider artists with live music and performance art. Mostly we want to create a fun art show for you to attend. While there is a serious reason for putting these shows together and we take the art seriously, that doesn’t mean it is without a sense of levity. House of Iconoclasts shows are stripped of pretense. We want our shows to be a celebration of the art, the artists, and the unique circumstances that have drawn us all into this world.

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Rebel Rebel

In the spirit of independence day, the federal holiday celebrating what it means to be free in America; House of Iconoclasts presents our second show, Rebel Rebel, a group show celebrating the freedom to be true to yourself and your individuality.

The realities of this political climate constantly remind us that the people in charge aren’t building a better world for anyone else but themselves, and as such, the rest of us may forget that we are beautiful, intelligent, worthy, and loved. They may not see us on the surface... but we are within the cracks of this earth. Surviving off crumbs and rage, creating a safe haven beneath the rubble as the world above stampedes around in MAGA hats and NRA memberships. Well we’re running out of crumbs... and it’s getting pretty hot down here. It’s time to tear ourselves out of sanctuary, create a new one above and wave our new flag. Let the reptiles slither back into the cracks and holes that we left for them, complimentary hat racks and all.


Saturday, July 27th, 2019
6PM - Midnight


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